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Essential nutrients are what? (three things)
Neccessary for normal growth.
Irreplaceable by other elements.
Direct requirment.
Name the 5 macronutrients and their function?
N, S, P, K, and Mg.
N is found in protiens and nucleic acids.
P is found in nuc. acids, phospholipids, and ATP.
K is an enzyme activator and helps stomal opening.
C affects the cyrtoskeleton.
Mg is used in Photosynthesis.
Name the 8 Micro nutriends and their functions?
Fe, Cl, Mn, B, Zn, Cu, Ni, and Mo.
Fe can be found in many active sites of enzymes and chlorophyll synthesis.
Cl is used in photosynthesis.
Mn activation of many enzymes.
B carboydrate transport
Zn enzyme activation
Cu in active sites of enzymes.
Ni activation of enzyme.
Mo for nitrate reduction.
What are the three common elements found in ferlilizers?
N, P, K.
Regulation is a function of...? (4 things)
Environmental cues, genetic makeup, receptors, and hormones.
What is a hormone?
Chemical signal that is produced that can affect growth, flowering, bud dominace, etc.
What are photoreceptors?
Protien molecules that absorb light. They regulate dev. processes.
What are hte 5 steps to plants dev.?
Dormancy, Germination, Growth and Dev., Flowering and Fruting, and Death.
What is senescence?
When aged leaves fall at the end of the growing season.
What are gibberellins?
Major PGH. Its produced my apical meristem cells. It helps in stem elongation, fruit growth, and germenation.
What is bolting?
Rapid Stem Elongation
What is auxin and what does it do?
Auxin is a major PGH. Its produced my apical meristem cells. It mediated photo and gravitropic responses. Stimulates prime. growth and inhibits prime. growth or foots. Inhibits leave absission(falling of leaves). It maintains apical dominace.
Plants with auxin have a main stem with minimal or maximum branching?
What hormone controls parthenocary?
What is parthenocarpy?
Fruit formation w/o fertilization.
What is phototropism?
What is gravitropism?
Photo- When auxin concentrates on the shaded sie and there is differential growth.
Gravi- when auxin concentrates on the lower side and there is diff. growth.
How does auxin cause growth?
Through Mechanism of action.
What is mechanism of action?
When auxin lossens the cell wall and new polysachrides are deposited to cause growth.
How does auxin affect the cell wall?
It loosens it by increasing plasticity.
What is cytokinins?
Major PGH. Stimulates bud formation. Synthesized in roots. Inhibits prime. growth and stimulates sec. growth. Delays senescence.
What is ethylene?
PGH. Its a gaseous hormone produced in many plant parts. its promotes senescence. Speed fruit ripening. Promotes leaf abcission.
What is abscisic acid?
Stress hormone. It closes stomata, inhibits growth. Not having water is stress.
Name the 2 ways of plant defense?
Oligosaccharins- are made of carbs. Its triggered when plant is damaged. Its protects against predators and pathogens.
Jasmonates- Produced by systemin(hormone triggered by insect attack). It stops the digestion in insects gut.
What are phytochromes? What are the 2 forms?
Photoreceptor protiens. They control plant growth and seed germination. the 2 forms are red light and far-red light.