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Phylum Porifera
-Common name

Class Calcarea-calcium spicules
Class Hexactinelidda-6 rayed spicules
Class Demospongia-siliceous spicules
Class Sclerospongiae-
3 sponge designs
Asconiod-flagellated spongocoel
Syconoid-flagellated canals
Leuconoid-crusty flagelatted chambers
Parts of sponges
Mesohyl-gelatin betweeen cell layers
Pinacocytes-closest to true tissue-exterior of sponge
Archeocytes-amoeba-like, carry nitrients, do lots
Sponge reproduction
Sexual-Hermaphrodites and viviparous
5 things animals are
1.Multicellular, heterotrophic, eukaryotes
2.Lack cell walls
3.2 unique tissues(nervous and muscle)
4.Sexually reproductive (diploid dominates)
5.Hox genes