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What are 3 characteristics of living organisms?
reproduction, rection to stimuli, homeostasis
What are the three different types of bacteria?
spiral, rod, spiracle
What is the cell membrane used for?
identification and connection with the environment
How does the membrane help maintain homeostasis?
it is semi-permeable
What makes up the cytoplasm?
mostly water, some sugars and proteins...contains the organelles
What is the function of the endoplasmic reticulum?
creates complex molecules from simple molecules. also transports and produces proteins
what is the function of the ribosomes?
manufacture proteins and recieves messages from DNA via RNA
What is the function of the golgi bodies (apparatus)?
collect, modify and package products the cell.
what do vesicles do?
carry protein to various destinations
capable of breaking down molecules and recycling
help supply energy to the cell
a round structure with its own membrane which contains DNA
what is the membrane of the nucleus called
nuclear envelope
allow photosynthesis
central vacuole
stores material for use in the cell