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How doProkaryotes divide?
Binary Fission
What are the 3 stages ofBinary Fission?
bidirectional replication of their circular DNA

Cell then elongates anddevelops a septum

finally pinches into two new daughter cellss at the septum
After replication what initates fission?
Protein FtsZ
Eukarytotic Chromosomes are mode up of what?
40% DNA 60% Protein
Heterochromatin and Euchromatin
- more condensed version of the genome that will NOT be expressed

- is the more portion of the genome that will be expressed
Chromosome Coiling
lenght if uncoiled?
Why coiled?
2 inches

TO package it neatly inside the nucleus
What is Karyotype?
The particualur make up of an individuals chromosomes.
Haploid vs Diploid?
each somatic cell is diploid -46 chromosomes

gamete is haploid - 23 chr

conception n + n = 2n
chromosomes that are the same type. Each has two wo one from the mother and one from the father.
Eeven thought each parent contributes different alleles of those genes.
What is the repetitive process of cell growth and division in a eukaryote called?
The Cell Cycle
What is the G1 phase for?
Primary Growth Phase
Major portion of cell's life
G2 phase?
Second growth phase
preperation for genomic speration
The first three phases of the cell cycle (G1, S1, G2)
M Phase?
Mitosis (the M phase) is where the cell's replicated DNA are separated in preparation for actual cell division.
S Phase?
Where the cell synthesizes a replica of its genome
C Phase, Cytokinesis
the phaseof the cell cycle when the cytoplasm divides, and the literal creation of the two daughter cells occurs