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"Father of Medicine", Rejected superstition & "magic" of primative medicine. *Hippocratic Oath
350 BC, Greek Philosopher, emparacism
Advances in Medicine, Anatomy- live dissection, circulation, learned that arteries have blood, not air nerves
1543 AD Published accuracte account of human anatomy, "Foundation of modern medicine & bio"
Andreas Versalius
1628- Determined heart can circulate blood, suggested the function of circulation
William Harvey
1665- Discovered cells
Robert Hooke
1673- invented a powerful microscope to observe unicellular microorganisms
Antoni Van Leeumenhoek
1735- Developed a classification system for biological organisms
Carolus Linnaeus
1789- developed vaccination against small pox...immunization
Edward Jenner
1839- proposed cell theory, the idea that all living things are composed of cells
Mathias Schleiden & Theordore Schwaan
1858- Proposed theory of evolution, The Origin of Species, established evolution by common decent
Charles Darwin
1864- proposed the germ theory, fermintation-process carried out by microorganism sterilization
Louis Pasteur
1866- Proposed theory of genetic inheritance, not fully recognized until 30 yrs after
Gregor Mendel
1928- Discovered penicillan, 1st antibiotic was successfully used in treating bacterial infections
1953- Proposed the structure of DNA
Watson & Chick