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What generates the formation of adaptations?
Natural Selection
The B blood type allele probably originated in Asia and subsequently spread to Europe and other regions of the world. This is an example of what?
Gene Flow
The apperance of a new mutation is what?
Random Event
An example of sexual selection
The mane of a lion
Not an example of evolution
Mutations in an individual
In evolutionary terms, an organism's fitness is measured by its what?
Contribution to the gene pool of the next generation
The original source of all genetic variation is?
A mutation
Because of human preditation the sizes of and genetic variation in populations of most whate species are declining
Bottleneck Effect
Progeny possess new combinations of alleles every generation
Sexual Reproduction
Many strains of mycrobacterium tuberculosis the bacteria that causes tuberculosis are resistant to standard drug therapy
Directional Selection
There are more than 750,000 named species of insects inhabiting a wide range of habitats
Adaptive Radiation
A recently introduced species of seed eating bird occupies an island where small and large seeds are available. Beak size in the bird population varies from small to large, allowing some birds to be more successful at eating large seeds. Birds with intermediate beak size m ust exert additional effort additional effort to eat seeds
Sympatric Speciation
Genetic Variation in a population of animals and plants depends mainly on what?
sexual recombination
Two animals are considered members of diffrent species is they what?
Cannot interbreed
Which is the first step in allopatrick speciation?
Geographic isolation
The evolution of numerous species such as Darwin's finches, from a single ancestor is called what?
Adaptive radiation
According to what model, evolution occurs in spurts:species evolve relatively rapidly, then remain unchanged for long periods of time
Punctuated equilibrium
Charles Darwin believed that large evolutionary changes originated from the accumulation of many small changes. Today this point of view is called what theory?
Theory of gradualism
There is a group of small fish living in a lake with a sandy bottom. Most of the fish are light brown, but about 10% are mottled. These fish are normally prey for large birds that live on shore. A construction company dumps a load of gravel in the bottom of the lake, giving it a mottled appearance. Which of these statements presents the most accurate prediction?
The proportion of mottled fish will increase over time.
Which mechanism for evoution did Lamarck propose?
Evolution by inheritance of acquired characteristics
The evolutionary effects of genetic drift are greatest when?
The population size is small
Blue poppies native to china are grown at a plant breeding center in California, where those with the thickest leaves survive and reproduce best in the drier climate. This evolutionary adaptation of the poppies to their new environment is due to what?
Directional Selection
Animals that possess homologous structures probably what?
Evolved from the same ancestor
Classifications of organisms that are based exclusively on the evidence of evolutionary relationships are called what?
Clasistic classifications
The earliest organisms were most likely what?
Prokaryotes that are similar in many ways to eukaryotes are what?
Prokaryoes and eukaryotes have somthing in common what is it?
Kinds of nucleotides in their DNA
What was probably not present in large amounts in the atmosphere at the time life was thought to have originated?
Eukaryotic cells probably arose through what?
Associations between diffrent prokaryotes
The atmoshphere of early Earth probably contained no O2 until the emergence of organisms that what?
Used water as a hydrogen source for photosynthesis
The prokaryotic organisms most likely to be found living in extreme environments such as salt ponds are the what?
E.Coli bacteria are found in the human intestines and are shaped as what?
The endosymbiont theory states that which one piece of evidence supporting this theory is the fact that what?
Mitochondria and chloroplasts originates as ingested prokaryotes...mitochondria and chloroplasts have their own DNA
Which of the following is a diffrence between plants and fungi?
Fungi are heterotrophic and plants are autotrophic
Fungi have cell walls made of what?
Fungi cannot make their own food, and they cannot move. How do they obtain things to eat?
They produce huge numbers of sppores and they grow rapidly
Fungi of the phylum Ascomycota are recognized on the basis of their production of what during sexual reproduction?
Saclike structures
Mosses, liverworts, and hornworts
Cone bearing plants
Flowering Plants
What is not a characteristic of all animals?
They don't all have tissues, organs, and organ systems
Soft bodied animals usually protected by a hard shell
Possess notochord, dorsal nerve chord, pharyngeal slits and postnatal tail
Sessile with porus bodies
Body segmented with many appendages
Segmented Worms