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Most scientists do not believe that the theory of _________ is wrong, because of the vast substantiating evidence that has been collected over the past 150 years.
Without a good understanding of ________, it is not possible to become an educated student in biology.
The mental capacity of __________ seem to be equivalent to that of a 5-year-old human child.
Because Koko (a lowland gorilla) can use______________ to communicate her feelings, thoughts, and desires, we now have unequivocal evidence of the biological continuum between humans and the great apes.
American Sign Language
Evidence have established that approximately _________ years ago, the great apes split into two branches.
14 million
___________ are our closest relatives, and our ancestors have evolved separately to give rise to our present forms.
Chimpanzee and early human societies were male-dominated, which is also called a _______ society.
One of Jane Goodall’s first discoveries was that chimpanzees can fashion sticks to fish termites out from a termite nest. This observation shook the scientific world, because at that time, it was universally accepted that ______ use was a unique human trait.
In a series of experiments involving the creation of a scale model of a life-sized room, it has been shown that chimpanzees can demonstrate ________ understanding.
Chimpanzee and human societies use __________ to achieve a single objective, such as hunting for monkeys.
It is estimated that at about 120,000 years ago, the entire population of Homo sapiens had decreased to less than 10,000 individuals which would have led to a decrease in genetic variation. This phenomenon is known as a genetic ________.
Research by Allan Wilson and his co-workers concluded that all human mitochondrial DNA can be traced back to one woman, the Mitochondrial Eve, who had lived in Africa about ________ to _________ years ago.
120,000 to 150,000
The mitochondria DNA in each individual comes only from the ________.
When you compare the genomes of any two persons from any part of the world, their DNA sequences are _____% identical.
One hypothesis to account for the disappearance of Homo erectus and Homo neanderthalensis is known as the ___________ model, which states that modern humans contributed to the extinction of local species by out-competing them.
Replacement or Out-of-Africa