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Methamphetamine can be produced from ________________, which is a main ingredient in cold medicines.
Heroin is derived from _____________ and is a widely abused substance around the world.
opium or poppy seeds
Researchers realize that to cure and prevent substance abuse, they must first understand how the __________________ mechanism in the brain is responsible for the reinforcing properties of drugs.
Electrical stimulation of the neurons in the _______________ will produce sensations of pleasure, which are similar to those sensations that are elicited by food or sex.
nucleus accumbens
The natural function of endorphins is to ________________________.
reduce physical pain
____________ and endorphins bind to the same receptors in the brain.
The most well known function of ______________, a neurotransmitter, is the production of pleasure, which is associated with hunger or sexual desire.
The _____________ is the target brain area of both cocaine and amphetamines.
Cocaine and amphetamine both ______________ dopamine levels in the synaptic clefts.
The neurological process of falling in love takes place primarily in the ________ system of the brain.
____________ is the brain chemical involved with maintaining long term relationships or providing parental care.
The brain slices of the monogamous prairie voles differ from that of their cousin species the montane voles in that the brains of the prairie voles have abundant levels of ____________
Dopamine is important in maintaining motor control and a reduction in dopamine production may result in____________.
Parkinson’s disease
Brain scans of children with ADHD show that there is a _____________ in activity in the neural pathways that are activated by dopamine.
Methlyphenidate, trade name Ritalin, increases dopamine activity by _____________ the dopamine transporters at the synaptic cleft.