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The human eye has about 6 million _____________ cells.
The area of the eye responsible for the central and sharpest vision is known as the ____________
The main function of the _______________ is to support the eye.
vitreous humor
The development of cone cells allowed for organisms to acquire better information during the _____________ hours.
sunlight or daylight
Most nocturnal animals lack ______________ vision because there is no need for it at night
Images that come from our eyes are nothing more than a set of ___________
To obtain a sharp image within the entire visual field our eyes constantly ____________ the entire image.
The inner layer of the cortex is called ______________ because of its light colored

white matter
The _____________cortex is where the sight information is processed
The brain is able to filter out visual information through a process called ___________________.
subliminal perception
People who suffer from blind sight have lost the ability to process ____________________
incoming visual data
_______________ can occur because there are separate pathways in the brain used for visual perception.
blind sight
Visual neglect is a neurological disorder where patients have difficulty in visualizing objects in their visual fields because the ______________ lobe of the brain has been damaged.
______________ syndrome is a psychiatric disorder in which the affected person imagines that someone close to them has been replaced by an imposter.
Perceptions can be influenced by our _________________ state and ______________ condition.
psychological; physical