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___________ is an attitude that attributes human motivations, characteristics, or behaviors to inanimate objects, animals, or natural phenomena.
In males, both the primary and the secondary ________ characteristics are the under the control of testosterone
Females may choose a male bird with the most perfect plumage because dull or drab feathers may indicate that a male is carrying many _________
The intensity of the red color in the feathers of the male house finch is related to how well he

_________ .
Human _______ are an advertisement for good genes, fertility, and health, and particularly humans are attracted to perfect symmetry in this feature
It has been shown that human _____ genes, which are important in fighting off disease, can be detected by females who can tell smell the proteins these genes produce.
When human females pick faces of potential male mates, it was noticed that their choice was dependent on their level of sexual susceptibility. For instance, during _______ , the females tended to select a masculine sexual partner.
Male _________ capture prey and pass it to the female in mid-flight, as a way to demonstrate his hunting and aerial skills
marsh harriers
When you are hungry and smell food cooking, you automatically start to salivate. This is an example of a _______ which triggers a fixed action pattern.
sign stimuli
In wolf spiders, the males display a large ________ on their legs, which they use to entice a female to breed
tuft of hair
The migration and mating behavior of sockeye salmon results from a powerful biological ______ that is triggered by both genetic and environmental factors, causing the adults to make a 1,500 mile journey to spawn.
For humans, riding a bicycle is an example of a learned ________ program, because it takes multiple steps to perform the task.
A ________ causation describes how or by what mechanism an animal behaves
Chimpanzee society is dominated by ______ who often kill young behave violently.
One explanation for why Bonobo societies developed differently from chimpanzees was due to the extinction of __________ who once prevented Bonobos from feeding on the ground.