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what consists of interacting species, usually living within a defined area
what is a -/- interaction that occurs when different individuals use the same resources and when those resources are limited
what is intraspecific competition
competition between members of the same species
what is interspecific competition
competition between members of different species
what is competitive exclusion
two species vying for the same resources cannot occupy the same niche
what is asymmetric competition
one species suffers greater fitness decline than the other
what is symmetric competition
each species suffer equal fitness decline
what is a fundamental niche
the potential areas or resources an organism may utilize
what is a realized niche
the actual area or resources an organism utilizes in a particular environment
what is niche differentiation
when competing species are not completely excluded
what is comsumptive competition
two species consume same resources
what is preemptive competition
one species makes space unavailable to other species
what is overgrowth competition
one species grows above another
what is chemical competition
one species produces toxins that negatively affect another species
what is territorial competition
a mobile species protects its feeding or breeding territory against other species
what is encounter competition
two species interfere directly for access to specific resources
what is herbivory
plant eaters
what is carnivory
meat eaters
what is omnivory
plant and animal eaters
what is predation
predator (the eater) and prey (the eaten)
what is parasitism
parasite and host
what is mullerian mimicry
when harmful prey species resemble each other
what is batesian mimicry
harmless species resemble harmful predators
what is species richness
a measure of the number of different species
what is species diversity
a measure of the relative abundance of specific species
what is the shannon-weaver index
it takes into account both species richness and diversity
what is a keystone species
a species that has a much greater impact on the surrounding species than its abundance would sugest
what is a climax community
the stable, final stage of an ecological community that develops from ecological succession
what is succession
the recovery from severe disturbances that remove all or most of the organisms from an area
what is a pioneer community
early settlers, usually very weedy-like