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FSH in Women causes?
The follicle to develop and produce estrogen
LH in women causes?
-The follicle to mature further
- Ovulation
- The corpus luteum to develop and produce progesterone which causes the uterine lining to thicken
What are the 3 phases of the Mentral Cycle?
Menses: first 4-5 days of cycle
Proliferative Phase: between menses and ovulation
follicles mature, endometrium thickens, and estrogen levels increase
Secretory Phase: begins at ovulation. Endometrium prepares for pregnancy by growing thicker, secreting and developing greater blood supply
Male gamete is what?
Zygote is?
a new cell formed by fertilization
What are the parts of the spermatozoa? describe each part.
head- contains nucleus with DNA
acrosome - covers head and contains enzymes to assist in penetration of ovum
Midpiece - contains mitochondria with ATP
Tail - provides movement
Hos is testosterone produced?
produced by intersitial cells
stimulated by LH
maintains male characteristics
Composition of semen?
Mixture or sperm from testes and secretions of the accessory glands.
-slightly alkaline (pH 7.5)
-Contains prostaglandin which helps sperm move through the female reproductive tract.
-About 3-5ml ejaculated at one time containing about 100 million sperm per mL