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Different versions of the same gene are known as _______, which are generated by _______.
alleles; mutation.
Individual variations are resulted from ______ to produce a large number of _______ by the same individual.
meiosis, gametes.
Individual variation are the result of ______.
sexual reproduction.
Six basic priniciples of natural selection:
1. Individuals must _______
2. Indiv. must be able to pass their traits to the next ______.
3. Variability must exists among _______.
4. The environment cannot support all______.
5. Individuals with favorite traits will leave more ________.
6. Indiv. with least favorite traits will_______.
1. Reproduce
2. generation
3. individuals
4. offspring
5. more offspring
6. die out.
Natural selection is a process by which biological populations are changed over time as a result of the propagation of _________ that affect the capacity of the indiv. organims to ___________.
heritable traits, survive and reproduce.
Dos is one of the ________ of the worlf.
Dog and wolf started to separate _______ years ago. Human and wolf remains have been found together as early as _________ years ago.
150,000; 400,000
Two dog domestication hypothesis are:
mutual selection; human adoption.
mutual selction proposes that early wolves approached human encampment to _______.
The early semi-domesticated wolves might have helped modern humans to: ___________ and _________.
out-compete Neadethals; develop langauge.
During the breeding of tame foxes in Russia, other unusual triats such as, _______ and ________, were also bred. The reduction in ________ and other homornes is likely to play a role.
multi-colored coat; barking; adrenalin.
Evidence of modern dogs appears about ________ years ago, and the evidence of th early dog was found _________ year ago in cave art.
14,000; 5,000.
All dogs are genetically differed by about 0.1%. The traits of different breeds of dog have been recently shown to due to difference in the _________ of the dogs _______.
regulatory regions; DNA.
There are six main classes of dogs:
sporting, hound, terriers, working, herding, toy.
Sulukis are the ________ mammals in a ____ mile race.
fastest; 3
Systema Naturae was published by _____ in 1735. Throughout his lifetime, he classified 7,700 species of ______ and 4,400 species of ______.
Linnaeus; plants; animals
Biological classification is also known formally as biological ______. Today over ______ million species have been classified.
sytematics; 1.4
Modern biological classification is based on ______ and ______.
common descent; ancestral relationship.
______ is a classification method similar to constructing a ______, where ancestral relationship is mapped.
cladistic classification; family tree.
An outmoded classification system originated with ______ at 350 BC stressed the immutability of living organisms and their arrangement from simple to complex organisms is known as ______.
Aristotle; scala naturae.
The great apes include four biological organisms: ______, ______, ______, and ______.
orangutan; gorilla; chimpanzee; humans.
Orangutans are the largest ______ animals. They are only found in ______ and ______.
arboreal; Sumatra; Borneo
There are ______ species of gorilla: the ______ and ______ gorillas.
two; western; eastern.
They are ______ dwelling with few natural predators. They are quadrupedal, using a locomotion behavior known as ______.
ground; knuckle walking.
Project Koko trained a female gorilla from 1 year of age to communicate with ______. Koko has a vocabulary of ______ words.
sign language; 1,000.
There are two species of chimpanzees: the ______ chimpanzee and the _____ chimpanzee.
common; bonobo or the pygmy.
Chimpanzees use ______ as an activity for developing ______ bonds.
grooming; social
The great ape lineage split from the ______ about 18 million years ago.
lesser age
______ split into the genera ______ and _____ about 6 million years ago.
Hominini; Pan; Homo