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What is a Producer?
All plants...
Solar Energy to Chemical Energy
Herbivores and Carnivores
Dead Plants and animals that are indigestible by herbivores and carnivores
Producers(plants) consume...
water and co2 which makes carbs
Consumers consume....
carbs and release water and co2
Decomposers consume...
bacteria and fungi
What is the most primitive of all cats?
The cheetah
How fast is the cheetah?
Fastest land animal; 70 mph.
When does the cheetah hunt?
Diurnal hunter (daytime)
What is the cheetah's favorite prey?
Thomson's gazelle
(50% success rate)
What is the second fastest land animal?
Thomson's gazelle
How come it can sometimes get away from the cheetah?
Because, it is better at turning.
Concerning the garter snake......what is ovoviparus?
Eggs develop inside their body, and the young are born live.
What is special about the Oregon Garter Snakes?
They have developed a tolerance to the Taricha newts. (toxin)
Why are the Oregon Tarcha Newts so deadly?
They have tetrodotoxin in their skin.
What can the tetrodotoxin do?
Enough to kill 20,000 mice or 100's of people.
What is Tetrodoxin?
Neural toxin that blocks neural communication and leads to paralysis.
An example of genetic reshaping would be?
The garter snakes becoming more resistant to the newts toxin and the newts becoming more poisonous.
The Nile crocodile is what type of predator?
It is a generalist- meaning that it isn't a picky eater.
What does a predator that's a specialist consume?
It only hunts a few types of prety and its highly vulnerable to changes in populations.
How long was the nile crocodile "relatively unchanged" for?
400 million years.
how long was the aardvark unchanged for?
it was relatively unchanged for 70 million years.
how many insects do aardvarks eat in a night?