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Embryonic hormone which maintains progesterone and estrogen secretion by the corpus luteum through the first trimester of pregnancy.
human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG)
triggers ovulation of the secondary oocyte.
lutenizing hormone
Hormone produced by the corpus luteum when stimulated by LH
Hypothalamic hormone which trigere the secretion of FSH
Gondaotropin-releasing Hormone
during the human sexyal responce, vasocongestion
occurs in the clitoris, vagina, and penis
occurs in testes
ccan cause vaginal lubrication
which of the following is not required for internal fertilization?
internal development of the embryo
which of the following hormones is incorrectly paired with its action
progesterone-stimulates follicules to develop
which animal would be least likely to be hermaphroditic?
human fertility drugs increase the chance of multiple births probably because they
stimulate follicles
organisims that produce amniote eggs, in general
invest most of their reproductive energy in the embryonic and early postnatal development of their offspring
which of the following structures is incorrectly paired with its function?
fallopian tube-site of normal embryonic implantation
the diploid chromosome number for humans is 46. how many chromatids will there be in secondary spermatocyte?
which of the following structures is incorrectly paired with its function?
seminiferous tubules-add fluid containing mucus, fructose, and prostaglandin to semin
one function of the corpus luteum is to
produce progesterone and estrogen
Which of the following conception methods is most effective?
the hormone progesterone is produced
in the ovary and acts directly on the uterus
which substance can be detected in the urine of females and is a positive test for pregnancy?
human choronic gonadotropin
the secretory phase of the menstural cycle
corresponds with the leutal phase of the ovarian cycle
which of the following is a form of asexyal reproduction?
which of the following cells produce testosterone?
interstitial cell