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lancelets display simple mechanisms of
swimming in fishes
adult lancelet gets nutrition as:
suspension feeder using prominent pharengeal slits to trap food particles
blocks of mesoderm

found along each side of the notochord in all chordate embryos

muscle cells develop from in lancelets
sexually mature animals that retain larvae characteristics
lancelet brain...
swollen tip at the anterior end of dorsal nerve cord

organized into forebrain, midbrain, hindbrain

what brains evolved from
chordates with a head are called

specifics of heads

brain at anterior end of dorsal nerve cord, eyes and other sensory organs, skull
craniates have two ... instead of the one found in lancelets and tunicates
two clusters of Hox genes (allows for more morphological complexity)

gives rise to...?
collection of cells that appears near the dorsal margins of the closing neural tube in an embryo

bones and cartilage of skull, inner layer of skin (dermis) of facial region,
several types of neurons,
sensory capsules (eyes,etc)
gill slits of craniates associated with...

(unlike suspension feeding of lancelets)
muscles and nerves that allow water to be pumped through the slits

allow water to be pumped through the slits
craniates have a higher ___ and a more extensive ___ than tunicates and lancelets
higher metabolism, more extensive muscle system
least derived craniate
Myxini (hagfishes)
characteristics of Hagfishes
skull of cartilage, but no jaws or vertebrae

swim like snakes

tooth like stuff made of keratin
___ are not actually fishes
characteristics of vertebrates
1. neural crest (becomes neural tube)
2. distinct cephalization
3. closed circulatory system (2-4 chambered heart)
4. Brain within skull
tetrapods include
aves (birds)