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What is a biome?
A wide land area classified by predominant vegetation and characterized by adaptations of organisms to that area. It's influenced by climate.
What is an ecosystem?
Interactions between individuals, populations, and communities. It is shaped by interactions between ­Abiotic and ­Biotic factors.
What is an autotroph?
They use inorganic nutrients and an outside energy source to produce organic nutrients. ­Producers.
What is a heterotroph?
They must consume a preformed source of organic nutrients. ­Consumers.
what are trophic levels?
producers, herbivors, carnivors, top carnivors
What are density-dependant factors?
As a population increases the rate of growth is slowed by increasing the death rate or decreasing the birth rate.
what are examples of Density Dependent Factors?
1. Competition for a limiting resource 2. Accumulation of waste products or toxins
3. Predation, parasitism or disease
4. Intrinsic factors (behavioral interactions)
What are density-independant factors?
The popluation is greatly affected by climate, weather events, and natural disasters.
What is the problem with inbreeding?
it may make inbred individuals more susceptible to disease, less able to find food, or less likely to breed successfully.
In a commensalistic relationship an organism:
neither harms nor benefits the host.
What are the 3 major groups of organisms found in an ecosystem?
decomposers, producers, and consumers.
What is the relationship called when one organism lives by harming another?
The human population first began to increase with the development of:
How many species of microorganisms are estimated to occupy the many different niches on the surface of our body?
What are the components of an ecosystem?
individuals, populations, and communities.
The abiotic are the _____ components of an ecosystem and the biotic are the ____ components of an ecosystem.
nonliving, living