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Ribonucleic Acid
a nucleic acid / a molecule made of nucleotides linked together
nitrogen base
the process of forming another nuclleic acic by using another molecule as a template
RNA polymerase
an enzyme that adds and links complementary RNA nucleotides during transcription.
messenger RNA
is a form of RNA that carries the instructions for making a protein from a gene and delivers it to the sit of translation.
a series of three nucleotide sequences on the mRNA
genetic code
the amino acids and "start" and "stop" signals that are coded for by each of the possible 64N mRNA condons
lac operan
the operon that controls the metabolism of lactose
A protein that binds to an operator and physically blocks RNA polymerase from binding to a protein site
a piece of DNA that overlayers the promoter site and serves as the on/off switch
process which takes information found in the DNA and transfers it to a molecule of RNA
Ribsomal RNA
RNA Molecules that are part of the structure of ribosomes
Point Mutation
A mutation in which only one nucleotide or nitrogenous base in a gene is changed
Transfer RNA
tRNA single strands of RNA that temporarily carry a specific amino acid on one end
3 nucleotide sequence on a tRNA that is complementary to an mRNA codon
A section of the DNA that does not code for amino acid
The portion of the DNA sequence in a gene that contains the sequence of amino acids
gene Expression
The entire process by which proteins are made. based on info encoded in DNA?Progein synthesis
A Process using RNA putting together amino acids to make up the protein
A process which Instructions for making protein are transfered to an RNA molecule
a unit of gene regulation and transcription in bacterial DNA that consists of a promoter site and the operator that controls them all