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Give 4 Characteristics of Flatworms
-Bilateral symmetry
-Thin bodies, no circulatory system
-Triploblastic, but acoelomate
-Freeliving, Gastrovascular cavity w. one opening
What are 3 examples of Flatworms
-Monogeneans and trematodes
Give 4 Characteristics of Planarians
-Predators and scavengers
-Live in ponds and streams
-Move by cilia, mucus
-Ventral nerve cords, and brain
what adaptions do Monogeans and trematodes have for parasitism
-suckers for attachment
-Tough covering
-High reproductive effort
-can evade immune system of host
4 Characteristics of Tapeworms
-suckers and hooks
-Lack gut, absorb nutrients across body surface
-Proglottids:reproductive sacs