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T or F: Abstinence is the only 100% effective means of Avoiding STDs?
T or F: If used correctly, hormonal contraceptive devices like the pill, pactch and vaginal ring are effective in preventing many STDS?
T or F: Contraceptive barriers such as female condoms cant prevent many STDs?
The best way to avoid getting any STD while having sex is to:
A. be in a long term monogamous relationship
B.Have Regualr Check Ups
C. Stop using prostitutes
D. Always use condoms
A. Be in a long term monogamous relationship.
T or F: Douching before/after unprotected sex may increase the risk of STD infection?
Which Type of HIV is most Prevalent in the US?
Which of the following is NOT one of the top 3 mechanisms for HIV transfer?
A. Exchange of blood or other bodily fluid.
B.Sexual transmission
C.Exchange of fluids from mother to child
D. Contaminated food or water?
D. Contaminated food or water.
Which of the following is true about gp 120?
A. It is a glycoprotein
B. It forms knobs projecting from the HIV virus
C.It is partially responsible for binding to the host cells.
D. It transports the viral genome to the host cell nucleus.
E. A, B & C
E. A,B &C
gp 120 binds to body cells that have ___ molecules on thier surfaces.
The Prime cellular targets of HIV are? (2 types)
T-helper Cells & macrophages.
One of the primary indicators that a person has aids is when their ___ cell level is ____.
CD4, under 200.
The tumor AIDS patients arising from blood or lymphatic vessels under the skin is____.
Kaposi's sarcoma.
Which virus is found in AIDS associated B-Lymphocytic brain tumors?
Epstien-Barr Virus.
The reported "beginning" of the AIDS epidemic was in...
Who were the scientists involved in a bitter legal battle over who had contributed what and when to the work on HIV?
Gallo & Montagnier
Which two groups, other than Gay Males, were recognized to have AIDS in 1982?
Haitians and hemophiliacs
T or F: Patient Zero portrayed in the film "And the band played on", was the first person to die from AIDS in the US?
Which organization did Bobbi Campbell belong to?
People with AIDS SanFransico
Which Organization did Selma Dritz represent?
SF dept. of public health
Which Organization did Dr. Robert Gallo belong to?
US national institutes of health.
Which Organization did Dr. Don Francis belong to?
US centers for disease control.
Which Organization did Dr. Luc Montagner belong to?
Pasteur Institute
The HIV enzyme that converts viral RNA into double stranded DNA is called?
Reverse transcriptase.
The first commercial test to detect HIV antibodies in blood was licensed in__.
The name AIDS virus, "HIV" was officiall adopted in__.