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Vascular plant tissue includes all of the following except:
Cambium Cells
One important diff. between the anatomy of roots and the anatomy of leaves is that:
a waxy cuticle covers leavs but is absent in roots
what tissue makes up most of the wood of a tree?
secondary xylem
which of the following is a true statement about growth in plants?
some plants lack in secondary growth
what efffect does "pinching back" a house plant have on a plant?
produces a plant that will grow fuller
The fiber cells of plants are a type of:
which funtional plant cells lack a nucleus?
Both xylem and sieve tube cells
most of hte water and minerals taken up from the soil by a plant are absorbed by
root hairs
which of the following is incorrectly paired w/ its structure and function?
Pericycle: waterproof ring of cells surrounding central stele in roots
The photosynthetic cells in the interior of the leaf are what kind of cells?
Land plants are composed of al the following tissue types EXCEPT:
the largest organelle in most living plant cell is the
central vacuole
what does primary phloem in the root develop from?