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organisms that DO NOT make their own food?
photosynthetic organisms?
what are the 4 stages of food processing?
1. ingestion
2. digestion
3. absorption
4. elimination
what occurs in ingestion?
taking in food
what occurs in digestion?
breaking down food
what occurs in absorption?
taking in products of digestion
what occurs in elimination?
undigested molecules move out of the digestive tract.
rhythmic movement of smooth muscles throughout the canal?
muscles that contract and relax. when contracted food can not move out, when relaxed food can move to the next organ?
where does digestion begin?
oral cavity
teeth and tongue ain in?
mechanical digestion
rip and tear food into smaller pieces?
contains taste buds, also helps manipulate food and mix w/ saliva?
occurs w/ substances with in the saliva?
chemical digestion
comes from salivary glands, lubricates food, neutralize food acids, contains anti bacterial agents?
what are the 3 digestive glands in the human tract?
1. salivary glands
2. liver
3. pancreas
what is the function of the salivary glands?
secretes gigestive juice, help food move down
what is the function of the liver?
bile is made, bile contains bile salts, which help to emulsify fats.
what is the function of the pancreas?
seretes pancreatic juices, pancreatic amylase, hydorlytic enzymes help break down proteins.
the surface area of the sm intestine is increased to maximize nutrient absorpton by?
lg circular folds, lumen (has villi)