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what is artificial selection?
when humans select organisms to breed.
what is natural selection?
process that allows an organism to be better suited to its enviorment.
what is fitness?
combination of physical and behavioral traits that help an organism survive and reproduce.
what is relative dating?
Compares fosils to other fossils in the same rock layer (ball park)
what is abosulte dating?
uses radio active elements to date fossils.
what is homoloogous structure?
parts of different organisms that may appear similar structurally, but develop according to different enviorments.
what is vestigial organ?
structure that serves no useful purpose. (appendix)
what is a niche?
combination of an organism's habitat and its role in the enviorment.
what is adaptation?
the proscess that enables organisms to become better suited for thier enviorments.
what is evolution?
the proscess by which modern organisms have descende from ancient organisms and chane in relative frequancys of alleles in gene pool of population.