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When conducting a test cross, your unknown genotype is crossed with

a) a homozygous dominant
b) a heterozygous
c) a homozygous recessive
d)none of the above
A red bull is bred with a white cow and produces a roan heifer. This is an example of

a)intermediate inheritance
b)multiple alleles
c)complimentary interaction
What is the term used to describe what takes place when one gene masks the expresion of another gene?
suppression epistasis
Give the expected genotypic ratio when heterozygous is crossed with heterozygous.
It two outcomes are mutually exlusive, the probablility that either will occur is their

a) product
b) sum
c) quotient
d) negative reciprocal
What law states that homologous chromosomes segregate during meiosis?
law of segregation
Since males can never be homo, or heterozygous for x linked traits, what do we call them when referring to allele status.
Hemophilia is an x-linked recessive disease. Can a female with two normal parents become a hemophiliac?
What do we call the absense of male to male transmission of an x-linked triat?
Which of the following blood types could not possibly belong to a mother of a child with type AB blood?

a) Type B
b) Type AB
c) Type A
d) none of the above
How many different phenotypes can be expected from the following cross?

BbRR x BbRr
In pigeons, ruffled feathers are dominant over smoothe feathers. A ruffled pigeon whose mother and sister were smooth, is crossed with a ruffled pigeon. The first chick has smooth feathers. What is the genotype of the chick's grandfather on his mother's side?
A cleft chin is due to the dominant allele D, while d produces no cleft. Free ear lobes is controlled by the allele E, while attched ear lobes is controlled by e. What is the probablility that the following cross will produce an offspring with a cleft chin and free ear lobes?

DDEe x DdEe
If G and R are linked, then whenever you have a G, you have an R.
Brown eyes are dominant over blue eyes. If a brown-eyed man marries a blue-eyed woman, and they have ten children who all have brown eyes, can you be certain of the father's genotype?
No, but the odds are good.
Brown eyes are dominant over blue eyes. If a brown eyed man marries a blue-eyed woman and they have ten children who all have brown eyes, can you be certain of the man's genotype?
No, but the odds are very goood.