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chains of nucleotides connected by phosphodiester bond
Nucleic Acids
chains of amino acids connected by a peptide bond
- 3 fatty acids bound to a glycerol backbone
- contian both hydrophobic and hydrophilic components which means they are ___________
Lipids; Amphipathic
- chains of sugars connected by a glycosidic bond
- formed from hooking together monosaccharides to form chains
- can be composed of thousands of monosaccharides
strong bonds that bind elements in macromolecules
Covalent bonds
4 Nitrogen bases in DNA:
1) Adenine
2) Cytosine
3) Guanine
4) Thymine
3 types of lipids:
1) Triglycerides (connected to 3-carbon glycerol molecule by ester linkage)
2) Phospholipids (phosphate present)
3) Glycolipid (lipid containing sugar molecule)