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Gross Primary Productivity
The overall rate of accumulating biomass through photosynthesis
Net Primary Productivity
The accumulation of biomess in ecess of "maintenance costs" (ie. respiration)
rate of accumulation of biomass
Pilot Study/ Reconnaissance
simple study to make observations and decide methods, hypothesis, species, events, questions to be answered
Exclusion Experiment
Manipulate experiment so as to exclude a main factor
4 Steps for Experimentation
1st: Pilot Study
2nd: Exlusion Experiment (Validate Exp. 1/establish underlying cause of observed effect)
3rd: Validate exp. 1 and 2 at larger scales
4th: Go back and test to see if same result in a different way
Plant Productivity
Producing O2 through photosynthesis and consuming O2 through respiration
Cage Effect
animal does behavior that is totally different from nature because stressed from being in cage- uncontrolled variable= not natural
Supplementation Experiment
Provide each limiting factor in excess to see what is causing a change/competition
The collection or organisms living or in sea or lake bottoms; the bottom of a sea or lake
Sessile organisms, such as algae and small crustaceans, that live attached to surfaces projecting from the bottom of a freshwater aquatic environment
Nonliving factors of an environment
Living factors of an environment
These are contained pot experiments in a glasshouse that represent an intermediate stage of study, between the single-species tests and the field trials
Larvae caddislfy that is a grazer taht feeds on alae on rocks
Uncontrolled Variables
Variables that are unable to be controlled during an experiment, thus must be taken into account when conclusions are drawn
Cage Experiments
Put species into cage so nothing else can get in