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What inherits two alleles on two different genes?
Crossing Over
If two Genes are far apart , crossing over is ___________ likely.
If two genes are close together, crossing over is ___________ likely.
Nitrogenous bases are on the ________ and sugar backbone is on the __________.
Inside, Outside
Phosphodiester bond form between
5’P - 3’OH
The free phosphate group is close to the ___ end.
The free hydroxyl group is close to the ____ end.
What is the diameter of the DNA molecule?
Do DNA strands run in opposite or same directions?
Where does DNA polymerase III start?
3' hydroxyl
What does DNA gyrase do?
Stop DNA from twisting.
What does DNA helicase do?
Stop DNA from breaking.
What does DNA primase do?
Primase makes the primer; binds to both of the strands.
Primer is always at the start of the ________ strand.
Daughter (3'-->5')
Okazaki fragments are only found in what strand?
Lagging Strand
DNA polymerase I removes the _______.
Does DNA polymerase III make both the lagging and leading strand?
Where are the telomeres found?
At the end of chromosomes.
What does telomerase do?
It makes telomeres longer.
Photolyase is activated by_______.
Visible Light
Mutation is caused by_________.
UV light
What is a Thymine dimer?
It is two Thymines bonded together from UV light.
What can repair a Thymine Dimer?
The mutation can be repaired by Photolyase.
Where do endonuclease work, Start, Middle or End of the DNA strand?
Transcription uses the ______ template to make ______
Where does Transcription occur?
In the Nucleus.
What makes mRNA?
RNA Polymerase
What binds to the promoter first?
RNA Polymerase
Is the promoter transcribed?
The promoter is never transcribed
What is the most common promoter?
TATA box
Which is Junk and (NonCoding), Intron or Exon?
Prokaryotes do not have, (Introns or Exons)?
In what direction does DNAP move?
In what direction does RNAP move?
In what direction do ribosomes move?
Each set of __ nucleotides = __ codon.
3, 1
_ codon = _ amino acid(s)
1, 1
What does a Lariat do?
Forms a loop and splicosome cuts it off.
What does Aminoacyl-tRNA synthesase do?
Makes tRNA charged by adding an amino acid to it.
What make peptide bonds?
Which amino group is involved in the peptide bond, and is near the 3' of the tRNA?
An anti codon is ________ to the mRNA.
How is alanine delivered to the __ site?
A site, elongation factor
During Elongation, what does the E site do?
Ejects empty tRNA.
During Elongation, what does A site do?
Accepts new charged tRNA
During elongation, what does the P site do?
Holds the growing polypeptide chain.
What happens in the third stage - termination?
Release factor binds to stop codon and helps it stop.
The polypeptide chain gets let off into the ___________?
Can the tRNA and ribosome(s) be reused to make more polypeptides, yes or no?