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What are cells that are abnormal because they produce a product at all times?
constitutive mutants
What does the lacY gene code for?
Galactoside permease
What does galactoside permease do?
it is the protein responsible for transporting lactose into the cell
What does the lacZ gene code for?
What does ß-Galactosidase do?
It is the protein responsible for cleavinf lactose into glucose and galactose
What does the lacI gene code for?
a regulatory protein that binds to the promotor of the LAC operon (a repressor). In normal cells it is transcribed if glucose is present.
What is an inducer?
a molecule that triggers the transcription of a specific gene.
What is an operon?
Operons produce mRNAs that code for functionally related proteins.
How can you identify a LacZ¯ mutant?
Use a substance that produces a color when cleaved by the lacZ protein. If defective no color will be produced.
How can you identify a LacY¯ mutant?
Lable lactose with radioactivity and see is it gets ibto cell. No radioactivity in cell means a defective protein.