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Fertilization occurs in the oviduct.
____ latter the zygote begins cleavage.
24 hours
After ____ it implants in the endometrium.
1 WK 5 more days
It takes about ---- past fertilization for the blastocyst to form.
1 week
after fertilization the zygote that reaches the uterus as the embryo is a ball of cells.
3- 4 days
For the first ____ of development, the embryo obtains nutrients from the endometrium.
Then the placenta provides for the diffusion of material between maternal and embryonic circulations.
2-4 weeks
Heart is beating
wk 4
all of the major structures of the adult are present in rudimentary form
wk 8
The rapidity of development makes this a time when the embryo is especially sensitive to environmental insult. (Trimester)
Maternal changes during first trimester
Maternal changes during the first trimester.
1The embryo secretes human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG).
2Maintains the corpus luteum and thus maintains the endometrium.
3High levels of progesterone cause.
-Increased mucus in the cervix.
-Growth of the maternal part of the placenta.
-Enlargement of the uterus.
-Cessation of ovarian and menstrual cycling.
-Rapid enlargement of breasts.
Fetus grows rapidly and is very active.
2nd trimester
Placenta secretes progesterone, which maintains the pregnancy.
2nd trimester
Corpus luteum deteriorates
2nd trimester
Hormonal levels stabilize as HCG declines.
2nd trimester
Fetus grows rapidly.

3rd trimester
Terminates with parturition (birth).
3rd trimester
Maternal abdominal organs become compressed and displaced
3rd trimester
Fetal activity may decrease as the fetus fills the space available to it.
3rd trimester
Pregnancy takes
266 days