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The sperm in a pollen grain is moved to the ovule by means of the
pollen tube
The maple leaves that we see int he arly spring were produced by the apical meristem in
the previous summer
A compound claimed to enchance human memroing is produced from the leaves of Ginkgo, a member of the
Arrange from smallest to largest, chloroplast, chlorophyll molecule, cell, thylakoid, photosystem
chlorophyll molecule, photosystem, thylakoid, chloroplast, cell
Meiosis occurs in angiosperms where?
in anthers in ovules
The prime requirement for autumn leave coloration is
decrease in chlorophyll
The plant hormone 2, 4-D that is used as a herbicide for weed control in lawns is
chemically similar to auxin
The pollinators of "carrion" flowers (such as the corpse flower) are attracted to
foul odor
Flowers of grasses lack
petals and sepals
Pines are pollinated by
A seed is derived from the?
a. ovary b. ovule c. anther d. seedlette
Nutrients dissolved in water in teh soil are transported INTO cells in the roots by
transport proteins embedded in teh plasma membrane
What substances pass through stomates?
water vapor, carbon dioxide and oxygen
Which plant cell structur prevents the cell from bursting when turgor pressure develops in a cell?
cell wall
A plant has 96 chromosomes in each cell in its roots. How many chromosomes will be in the each egg produced by this plant?
The direction of movement of sugars int he phloem is
up or down
In gymnosperms, ovules are produced in
female cones
The molecule that plants use to measure daylength is
The oxygen that we breathe comes from what substance during photosynthesis
When and where could you find an abscission zone?
petiole, fall
Floral bracts often are misidentified by non botanists and are called
The major products of photosynthesis are
glucose and oxygen
The wood used for English long-bows comes from the Yew plant which is
a gymnosperm
Where can you find Triploid cells?
After plant cells have been placed in boiling water, then canot become turgid again because the heat has
destroyed the plasma membrane
Rubisco occurs in the
stroma of chloroplast
Starting on the outside of a flower and moving in, the 4 whorls of modified leaves are
sepals, petals, stamens, pistil
The yellow color of a carrot results from a pigment (carotene) that occurs in what part of the cells
in chromoplasts
The object that most people refer to as a "sunflower" or daisy really is
an inflorescence composed of many disk and ray flowers
Which treatment(s) causes the free energy of water molecules to decrease?
freeze the water and add salt
A tomato is a , a grape is , a peach is , and a kernel of corn is .
a. achene, berry, grain, drupe
b. berry, berry, berry, grain
c. berry, berry, drupe, grain
d. berry, achene, drupe, grain
berry, berry, drupe, grain
A vein in a leaf is composed of
xylem and phloem
In pine, pollen is formed in that are produced on the scales of the of the two kinds of cones.
sporangia, smaller
Phototropism involves which 3 items listed below?
light, auxin, cell elongation
There are two nuclei in a pollen grain of an angiosperm. What are their names and are they haploid, diploid or triploid?
tube, generative, both are haploid
When you bite into a peach, the tissues that you put into your mouth are derived from what part of the flower?
Maple syrup is prepared from liquid that is removed from when the tree .
xylem, does not have leaves
Meiosis in gymnosperms occurs
in both male and female cones
A plant hormone that is a gas and is used to ripen fruits is
Salt that gets into the soil after roeads are salted furing a snowstorms is harmful to plants near the roadside because the salts...
accumulate in soil, lowering the free energy of the soil water
Arrange in size from largest to smallest:
ovule, egg, embryo sac, ovary
Ovary, ovule, embryo sac, egg
An anti malarial compound produced by teh plant Artemisis annua occurs mainly in the
The best color of light to uses to get plants to grow well is
red or blue
Where is the zygote located in a flowering plant?
The environmental signal that causes "short-day" plants to flower is
how long the plants are in the dark
In the light dependent reactions of photosynthesis, the energy of the light is used to make
What does th fruit of a crabapple (wild apple) do for the seeds inside?
aids in their dispersal
How many of the nuclei in teh embryo sac of an angiosperm actually fuse with sperm?
What structure is NOT formed by Gymnosperms
Water moves up the trunk of tall tree because of
transpiration from the leaves