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What is the 1st amendment?
Freedom of religion, press, assembly, and petition
What is the 2nd amendment?
Right to Bear Arms
What is the 3rd amendment?
Prevents Quartering of Soldiers
What is the 4th?
Search and Seizure
What is the 5th
Right of Accused
Explain the 2nd.
-ownership of guns
-certain age to buy one
-Brady Bill~backround checks
Explain the 3rd.
-gov't can't force you to house troops
Explain the 4th
-prevents officers from searching your house, car,etc. illegally
-officer need probably cause and search warrant
Explain the 5th.
-officer states rights when arresting a person
-double jeopardy forbidden
-plead the 5th (don't say something that make them look quilty)
What is the 6th?
Right to Speedy Trial by Jury
What is the 7th?
Jury Trial in Civil Cases
What is the 8th?
Bail and Punishment
What is the 19th?
Women's Suffrage
What is the 20th?
Voting Age
Explain the 6th.
-right to be tried bh state or jury