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Amendment 1
guarantees of speech, of the press, of religion, freedom to ghather in groups peacefully, and freedom to ask the government to correct things that may be wrong
Amendment 2
guarentees the right to keep and bear arms
THird Amendment
Government cannot force the people ot provide food and housing for soldeirs in peacetime
Fourtgh AMendment
warrant neded to search a person's property; probable cause needed for judge to allow police to take a person's property as evidence in a trial
fifth amendment
people accused of crime have legal rights: due process of law before punishment, cannot be tried twice for the same crime (double jeopardy)
sixth amendment
guarentees speedy trial, public trials; right to a lawyer, to hear and question a witness, to present favorable witnesses
seventh amendment
guarentees right to jury trial if the value sought is more than $20 and jury decisions in the court are final
eighth amendment
bials and fines must be reasonable; punishment must fit the crime
ninth amendment
people's right cannot be taken away by the government just because those rights are not specified in the Constitution
tenth amendment
the federal government can use only those powers stated in the Constituion; other powers are retained by the state and /or the poeple; that is, public education, marriage , divorce