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What are the Bill of Rights?
the 1st 10 amendents of the Constitution that protect the rights of the people
What rights does the 1st amendment protect?
Freedom of press, freedom of religion, freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, freedom of petition
5 of them
2nd Amendment?
Right to bear arms (weapons for self-defense)
2: top-head and end-hand
3rd Amendment?
Quartering troops in any house without permission of owner is not allowed
4th Amendment?
No searches of seizures of Americans are permitted unless a judge issues a warrant.
5th Amendment?
A. Life, Liberty, and property are protected, B.Grand jury must see evidence of a crime, C. May not be trialed twice, D. Do not have to testify against oneself, E. Eminent Domain (Government can't take private property for public use unless they ay for it)
6th Amendment?
Right to lawyer/jury trial
7th Amendment?
Right to a jury trial in civil cases
8th Amendment?
Right to bail freeedom from cruel and unusual punishment
9th Amendment?
Rights of people are guaranteed (rights not in the Bill of Rights)
10th Amendment?
Rights of states are guaranteed
When and where was the Bill of Rights written?
Federal Hall, New York in 1791
Who wrote the Bill of Rights?
James Madison
Why was it written?
To gaurantee rights not listed in the Constitution.