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When was the magna Carta written?
What is the Magna Carta?
it limited the power of English rulers
Name one thing other than limiting the power of english rulers(most important) that the Magna Carta did.
could be any of the following

~made it clear that English monarchs must obey the law
~King John agreed not to raise taxes without first consulting the Great Council on nobles and church officials(later became parliament)
~magana carta forced King John to recognize citizens had legal rights and one of those was trial by jury
When was the English Bill of rights written?
What did the English Bill of Rights do?5 things
~it stated elections would be held regulary
~reaffirmed a right to a trail by jury
~protected from cruel and unjust punishment
~right to bear arms
~gave the right of habeus corpus
Americans had a long tradition of what?
elected representative government
What happened in 1619?
Virginia set up the House of Burgesses and eventually all colonies had a representative government
When was the Mayflower Compact written??
What is the Mayflower Compact?
the first document of self government in North America
The ideas of the Constitution wer also based on...
European Enlightenment
What did enightenment thinkers believe?
taht people could improve society through use of reason
who is John Locke?
he is a man who pubished two treaties on government in 1690
What diid Locke declare?
that all people had natural rights to life, liberty, and property
What did Locke suggest?
hat the government is an agreement between the ruler and the ruled.
If the ruler violates peoples' natural rights, the people may______?
Who was Baron de Montesquieu?
he was a french thinker who published the Spirit of Laws
What did Baron urge?
that the power of government e divided into 3 branches. The legislative, executive, and judicial.