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What does Paul call the crown that Christians win?
Incorruptible Crown
What is the purpose of the things that happened to Israel?
That we can learn from their mistakes.
Who does the scripture say is likely to fall into temptation?
The person who thinks he stands secure.
What is a benefit of persecution and trials?
It rids the church of false Christians.
What do your clothes say about you?
Whether you have a submissive or rebellious spirit.
What three New Testament books give listings of spiritual gifts?
I Corinthians, Romans, Ephesians
What gift did Paul want the Corinthians to prefer?
What does the resurrection teach us?
That our bodies will be resurrected.
Whom does Paul list as witnesses of Christ's resurrection? (Know 3)
Peter, the apostles, 500 brethren, James, and himself.
What does II Corinthians show us more than any of Paul's other epistles?
Paul's heart of love for the believers he'd won to Christ.
Whom does Jesus call the "comforter"?
The Holy Spirit.
What does the word comforter mean?
One called alongside to help.
What is God's purpose for us in trials?
To learn from the trials, help and support others.
What determined all of Paul's plans?
God's will.
What character qualities of Paul does this section reveal? (Know 3)
Honesty, Submission, Integrity, Helpfulness, Love, Forgiveness, Discernment.
How could Paul continue in spite of persecution?
The grace of God.
What made Paul's afflictions "light"?
Eternal rewards.
What did Paul call his afflictions in contrast to the glory of eternity?
What was Israel's "spiritual food" in the wilderness?
When will Christians give an account to Christ?
At the Judgement Seat of Christ.
What will Christ judge at the Judgement Seat of Christ?
Our deeds, both good and bad.
What is reconciliation?
Being thoroughly changed in attitude and conduct towards another.
How did God provide for our reconciliation?
When Jesus died on Calvary, satisfying God's demands.
Why is the believer not to isolate himself from the world?
Because we need to witness to the world.
What promise does God give to the believer who seperates from evil?
God will be with him and will be his father.