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Name the four gospel writers
matthew mark luke and john
What was Matthew's job?
Tax collector and 1 of the 12 apostles
What was Mark's job?
He lived with his mother and with the apostle Peter
What was Luke's skill or job?
He was a historian, physician and traveled with Paul.
Which gospel writer was a gentile?
What do we label John (as in a job title or skill)
Which are the synoptic gospels?
Matthew, Mark, and Luke
Define Synoptic Gospels
the gospels that are written from the same perspective or vantage point
Why aren't all the gospel writers chronologically the same?
because they are written from their own perspectives
Define Diatessaron
the first attempt at harmonizing the gospels
What does Mashiah mean and which language is it?
Hebrew for Anointed one, or Messiah
What does Christos mean and in what language is it?
Greek for Anointed one or messiah
What is Psalm 2 called?
The coronation Psalm
Which writer/book has more to say about the coming of Christ than any other writer?
What does Immanuel mean?
God with us
What are 4 reasons for Jesus keeping it a secret that he was the messiah?
1- he did not look like the messiah to many
2-he wanted freedom to move about the nation
3-because those people who were not genuine about going after Christ would know Him
4-because he wanted his disciples to grow in their understanding of him
Who is John the Baptist's dad?
Why was Zachariah made silent?
b/c he didn't believe Elizabeth could have a baby
Who is Isaac's mom?
Who is samuel's mom?
What does Gabriel mean?
God's Strong one
Was Jesus ever called the son of Joseph?
Why was Christ circumcised?
to show that he was God's Jewish people
On what day was Jesus circumcised?
the 8th day
What is the significance of "horns" ?
a horn signifies strength and power.
What does the rainbow symbolize?
Noation covenant
What doe baptism symbolize?
the Christian covenant
Name at least 4 men who spent time in the wilderness
1. john the baptist
2. elijah
3. jesus
4. moses
5. jacob
6. paul
Define Essences
religious sects prevalent in Jesus' day who roamed the earth (monastic people divorced from society)
Why was Jesus born in Bethlehem?
because Micah foretold that he would be and Joseph and Mary had to go for the census
Did Luke ever see Jesus?
When was Jesus born (that we know)
between 7-4 BCE
Why were shepherds the first to hear about Christ's birth?
because they were not highly respected so God knew they would receive the gospel readily
What is meant when someone says "shalom" to you?
that they wish you to have spiritual, physical, and material prosperity
What was Mary's sacrifice?
2 turtledoves
who is the prophetess in Exodus?
Who is the prophetess in judges?
Who is the prophetess in 2 kings?
Who is the prophetess in Nehemiah?
Who is the prophetess in acts?
Phillip's daughters
What does Simeon refer to Christ as?
The Lord's Christ or yahweh's anointed
Who does Simeon reveal the importance of Jesus to?
Both Jews and gentiles
Where does it prophesy Jesus' flight to egypt?
in hosea and jeremiah
How many babies did Herod kill?
around 25
Who else besides Jesus went to Egypt?
1. Abraham
2. Jacob
3. Joseph
4. Jeremiah
What is meant by "Fear of the Lord"
What describes "son of the law"?
what was the demeanor of Jesus as a 12 year old?
a student learning the law
Why did the jews baptize prior to John? (3 reasons)
1. consecrate themselves
2. purification rights
3. proselytes (converting person)
Who does Matthew call the "brood of Vipers"?
pharisees and saduccess
define repentence
change of mind
What are the 3 classes of people found in Luke 3:10-14?
1. multitude
2. tax collectors
3. soldiers
What do the multitude, the tax collectors and the soldiers have in common in Luke 3?
they are materialists
What is John's mission as oppose to Jesus' mission in baptizing?
john baptized with water while jesus baptized with holy spirit (he is judge, john is not)
Who is Josephus?
jewish philosopher who wrote the famous history of the era of jesus
What are 3 reasons for jesus being baptized?
1. to reveal that john's ministry was in harmony with God's will
2. to reveal his solidarity with all humanity
3. to fulfill all righteousness
why does Luke's genealogy relate Jesus to Adam and not Noah?
because Adam was a gentile like Luke