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What is the date that 1 Corithians was written between?
A.D. 54-55
What was the theme of 1 Corithians?
Reports Discussed; Questions Answered
Who was the author of 1 Corinthians?
Where was 1 Corithians written?
Who were Priscilla and Aquila?
tentmaker Jews who were from Rome who Paul stayed with
What is chapter 7 in 1 Corithians about?
What is chapter 13 in 1 Corinthians about?
What is chapter 12-14 in 1 Corinthians about?
the gift of tongues
What is chapter 15 in 1 Corinthians about?
the Resurrection
The Story of the Immoral Man
The immoral man was treating his stepmother as his wife. Paul called the church not to keep fellowship with a sinful brother and that although Christians are not to judge those outside of the church, they are to judge those that make up the body.
Was social fellowship to be given to the immoral man?
no, the church was called by God to not keep company with a brother who is living in sin
Who was the immoral man living with?
His stepmother
What was the Corinthians reaction to him?
They had the incorrect attitude, they almost had a sense of pride in the fact that although there was a sinner in their midst they were still being accepting.
What were Paul's rules for eating meat that had been sacrificed to an idol?
Paul says that since an idol is a false god it is all right to eat the meat that had been partially sacrificed to the idol so long as you did not eat it in the idol's house and that it did not cause a fellow brother to stumble in his walk with Christ.
What does lawful mean?
the God - given right to do a thing
What does expedient mean?
It means doing what is right for the situation
Who borught news to Paul concerning the division in the church at Corinth?
Chloe's household
Who are Crispus, Gauis, and Stephanus?
Crispus - ruler of a synagogue...him and his household served the Lord

Stephanus - one of the deliverers of the letter from Chloe's house to Paul, thought by some to have been an author of 1 Corinthians
What is the significance of the veil in Paul's day?
Women wore the veil during prayer to show an attitude of submission
What does Paul mean by using the word "mystery"?
Mystery means a message that can only be known by revelation -- information that cannot be arrived at without the help of the Holy Spirit
1 Corinthains 2:9
This verse does not refer to Heaven but to the glories of redemption revealed to us through God's revelation
What is meant by baptism unto Moses in 1 Corinthians 10:1
In the cloud and the sea
Explain the fellowship meal and the Lord's supper
Fellowship meal - It was a meal set aside for communication with your brothers and sisters in Christ. One was to come to the meal having already eaten so that they may correctly partake of the meal without the food being the focus of the occassion

Lord's Supper - One should not partake of it incorrectly, shoud have the heart right with God before taking
Rules for speaking in tongues
There may only be three accounts of speaking in tongues during a service and you may not speak in a tongue unless a translator is present
Rules for prophesying
There may only be three accounts of prophesying in a service and if a regualtion is made to another who is seated let the first keep silent
How should lawsuits be handled among brethren?
The brothers should bring the issue before saints and wise men should help them settle the should suffer yourslef to be defrauded
Who were Stephanus, Fortunatus, and Achaicus?
a small group who delievered the news of the division of the church at Corinth from the household of Chloe to Paul
What was the problem with the partaking of the Lord's Supper at Corinth?
The people were not right with God when they took it, they were not treating it as the important event that it is
What is the natural man?
The natural man is one that has not accepted God as his father, he is regulated by this world and the flesh, it is a foolish lifestyle although, in exact definition, there is nothing sinful about it as it is like animal life.
What is the carnal man?
Carnality is partaking of the nature of the flesh: envy, strife, division. This is stronger than the natural man.
Explain what was happening with the fellowship meal at Corinth.
The people at Corinth were not treating the fellowship meal as they should have been. They were treating it as a meal, not eating before they had arrived so that they could have partaken more in the fellowship aspect than the food aspect.
1 Corinthians 1:10
Verse ten shows the possibility of and the requirement of religious unity
"Living with his father's wife"
1 Corinthians 5:1 : reference to the immoral man who had taken his stepmother as his lady friend
What was the first letter that Paul wrote to the Corinthians?
What does Chapter 7 of 1 Corinthians say about the unmarried and the widows?
"Remain as I am"
"If you leave, remain unmarried"
"The husband should not divorce his wife"
What does verse 15 mean regarding not being under bondage?
Let the husband leave if he wants to, you are not under bondage and you may live in peace
Give the list of the miraculous gifts of the Holy Spirit in 1 Corinthians
The word of wisdom
The word of knowledge
Discerning of Spirits
Diverse kinds of tongues
Interpretation of tongues
Who wrote 2 Corinthians?
When was 2 Corinthians written?
A.D 55 - 56
Where was 2 Corinthians written?
What is the theme of 2 Corinthians?
Paul's Apostolic Defense
Titus and 2 Corinthians
This second epistle is brought about by the report that Titus brought. Titus brought good news
What is meant by the third Heaven?
The third level is paradise
What happened with the immoral man from 1 Corinthians?
After hearing from the previous letter, he repented.
What is the purpose of chapters 8 and 9 in 2 Corinthians?
Chapters 8 and 9 deal with Christian giving. Paul points to the church in Macedonia and the great amount of giving that they did. They gave abundantly and beyond what they could reall afford without being asked to.
Corinthians are told to:
Finish what they started
Abound in giving
Affirm the sincerity of their love by giving
To give with purpose of heart
To give with cheerfulness
What is the style of 2 Corinthians?
It is autobiographical
What is the occassion for Paul to write the epistle
Paul was greatly concerned about the effect that his previous epistle may have had on the Corinthians. He eventually is able to meet up with Titus who comforts him by bringing news that Corinthians was well recieved.
Intensly personal.
It was
How Paul pictures the spirit without the body
As a building given or made by God
Pauls letter of recommendation
heck if i know
Macedonians and their giving
They were fantastic at being givers...they gave above and beyond what they could really afford without being asked to, they did it because it was the right thing to do.
What were the prison epistles?
Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians, Philemon
What were the three tests that the gospel of Paul preached had passed
1) gospel comes from God, recieved by revelation
2) did not yield to Judaizers or other apostles of their insistence that the Gentiles be circumsized extended to Paul the right hand of fellowship
3) Peter used to eat with Gentiles but when the Judaizers came he withdrew
What was the North Galatian theory?
The theory that it was in reference to Old Galatia where the Guals lived
What was the South Galatian theory?
the Roman province of Galatia -- where it probably actually was
Had Paul visited Galatia before writing Galatians?
Is the list of the works of the flesh exhaustive?
Who delievered Ephesians and Colossians?
Tychius and Onesimus
What was the prayer of Paul in Ephesians?
It was a prayer for love, look at the superlative dimensions of this love- breadth, height, and depth, length; look at its surpassing nature; look at its spiritual result
What is unity of Christ in Ephesians?
the Spirit of unity as we maintain the unity of the Spirit
The seven ones of unity
One body - the church
One Spirit
One hope
One Lord
One faith
One baptism
One God
What were Paul's three words for a happy marriage?
submission - the wife
sacrifice - the husband
separation from previous homes - husband and wife
How long did Paul stay in Ephesus?
about 3 years
one of the carriers of some of the prison epistles
the other carrier of the prison epistles
Explain about Timothy in Philippians 2
Timothy was truly concerned about whatever the people of Philippi were concerned about. He is sent by Paul to them to see how they are
What are the dates that Ephesians was written?
A.D. 61 and 63
Who wrote Ephesians?
Where was Ephesians written?
WHat was the theme of Ephesians?
The Church, The Fullfillment of the Eternal Purpose of God
WHat are the dates Philippians was written?
A.D. 61- 63
Who wrote Philippians?
Where was Philippians written?
What is the theme of Philippians?
Rejoice in the Lord
Who is Epaphroditus?
A Christian from the church in Philippi who was sent to take Paul a gift but had become very ill and nearly died in the process. brought the church back this letter of gratitude
Who is Epaphras?
He must have been the one that established the church at Colossae...he brought word to Paul about the problem that was in the church there
Who wrote Colossians?
What were the dates that Paul wrote Colossians?
A.D. 61-63
What is the theme of Colossians?
The Preeminence of Christ
Where was Colossians written?
Had Paul visited the church at Colossae?
What emphasis does Colossians have?
Colossians emphasizes Christ, the head of the church. Christ is the central and unifying theme
What is Ephesians desination problem (at Ephesus)?
Some scholars believe that it is a circular letter sent to Asia because some versions of the text do not have the words "At Ephesus" in the first verse of the book
What was the Galatians destination problem? ( Galatia)?
Galatia refers to two different parts
South Galatia -- Roman prvince- probably correct
North Galatia - nothern part of Galatia where the Gauls lived
Philippians 2:4-9
Shows how Christians should have the attitude of Christ and try to be like him
What is the location of Corinth?
40 miles from Athens, it was the center of Achaia
What is the location of Collasae?
100 miles East of Epshus is the Lycus Valley in Asia Minor
What is the location of Philippi?
Where did Philemon live?
in Colossae with his servant Onesismus
What does Colossians contain?
It contains the harshest warning against false prophets...
Where is the longest doxology found?
Ephesians 3: What God can do for us
When and what for does Paul rebuke Peter?
In Galations 2 because Peter used to eat with the Gentiles but stopped upon the arrival of the Judaizers
What are the fruits of the spirit and where are they found?
Self Control
Chapter 5 of Galations
Galations 6:7
God's laws of sowing
1) We all sow
2) We all reap
3) We will reap after we sow
4) We reap what we sow
5) We reap more than we sow
6) We reap what others sow
What is the long ending of Galations?
It speaks on false teachers and points out that Paul wrote in his own hand because it was so dear to him
Does obeying the gospel mean earning salvation?
No we can't earn it, GOd gives it to us when we obey
BAptism as part of the faith response we make to GOd
In order for us to be forgiven of our sins we must be baptized