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He tried to hide from God on a ship to Tarshish when told to go preach to Nineveh
Jonah 1:3
Joseph told him to hide this in Benjamin's sack with his corn money
Gen 44 1:2
Silver cup
According to the book of Psalms we are to hide God's word here
Ps 119:11
In our Heart
Jesus said this kind of city will not be hid
Matt 5:14
One set on a hill
He hid from King Saul after he threw a javelin at him the second time to smite him to the wass
1 Sam 19:10
Hidden from Pharoah in an ark of bulrushes in the river
Exo 2:3-10
HHe hid among the stuff when Samuel came to present him to be the first king of the children of Israel
1 Sam 10:21-24
He killed an Egyptian that was smiting a Hebrew and hid him in the sand
Ex 2:11-12