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Darwin was a Naturalist who believed in what?
Biological Atheism-The evolutionary theory answers the question of origins
Bertrand Russel was a Naturalist who believed in what?
Philosophical Atheism-Religion is a superstition: there is no proof of God;s existance.
Deism is a theistic idea that believes what?
God is transcendant but not immanent.
Polytheism is a theistic idea that believes what?
Multiple gods are immanent but not transcendant
What is a red herring?
A divise used to distract the reader's attention by changing the subject.
What is a genetic fallacy?
Faulting an idea because of it's origin. (Judges the person, not the argument)
What is argument ad populum?
Asked to believe something because the majority does
What is hasty generalization?
Asked to conclude too much from too little.
What is straw man?
Drawing a false picture of the opposing argument, then rejecting the opposition because of the false picture.
What is argument ad hominem?
Being asked to reject an argument because the person giving it isnt perfect.
What is argument misericordiam?
accepting an argument out of sympathy for the people involved
What is a Self-Refuting argument?
A statement failing to satisfy it's own criteria

*never say never
What is circular reasoning?
An argument failing to provide evidence outside of it's original claim.
What is the definition for intellectual reasoning?
Being able to give evidence for why you believe something
What is the definition for prejudicial reasoning?
Believing something without providing evidence and standing firm on it, not being swayed differently by anything.
Whta is the definition of Intuitive Reasoning?
Honestly believing something, but not being able to provide the evidence to support it.
What are apologetics?
Defenses for the Bible
What is Absolute Certainty?
100% certainty
What is Rational Certainty?
Beyond a reasonable doubt
What is theistic proof?
an attempt to prove God;s existance through valid, sound arguments
What is a valid argument?
An argument where no logical mistakes are made
What is a sound argument?
An argument where all premises are true
What is the cosmological argument?
Looking at the universe's existance and concluding that it must have come from a creator.
What is the Principle of Casualty?
1.The universe has a cause
2.The universe began to exist
3.The Universe has a cause
What are the four options for the origins of the universe?
1. It has always existed
2. It created itself
3. It was created by something greater in the universe
4. It's an illusion
What is the teleological argument?
The Universe has design, order and complexity, which cant be a result of random chance

*Finding a computer in a cave
What is the Anthropic Principle?
The universe was created with humans in mind. Any other way and we couldn't exist
Define the Argument from Consciousness
Consciousness could not have evolved from conscious matter.
Define the Moral Argument
Everyone has their own system of ethics which had to have come from a higher power
Define the Meaning of Life argument
If God doesn't exist, then we have no meaning or purpose in life. Because people understand morality there must be a God.
What is Moral evil?
A morally negative event that was caused by an internal action or another instagator.
What is Natural evil?
A bad event that is considered morally negative occurs without an agents intervention.
*Global Warming
What is the free will defense?
God created free will, and didn't mess with it. Man allowed evil to come into the world with the free will he was given
What does 1 Peter 3:14-16 have to do with apologetics?
It encourages people to give a defense for the Bible when asked for one.
What is the core theme of "The Boxing Match"?
We often attempt to keep God in a box, or recreate him in our own image.