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3 Divisions of the Hebrew Bible
Torah, Prophets, Writings
5 Divisions of the English Bible OT
Law, Historical Books, Poetical Books, Major Prophets, Minor Prophets
Chapters of key Abrahamic covenant details in Genesis
12, 15, 17
Chapter of the offering of Isaac in Genesis
10 Toledots
1. Heaven and Earth
2. Adam
3. Noah
4. Noah's sons
5. Shem
6. Terah
7. Ishmael
8. Isaac
9. Esau
10. Jacob
12 Tribes
Reuben, Simeon, Judah, Issachar, Zebulun, Dan, Napthali, Gad, Ashur, Ephraim, Manasseh, Benjamin
The Passover
Exodus 12
The two dominant threads in Leviticus
goal of holiness and need for forgiveness
The Day of Atonement
Leviticus 16
Aaronic blessing
Numbers 6
The 10 commandments in Deuteronomy
ch 5
6 Cities of Refuge
West - Kedesh, Shechem, Hebron
East - Bezer, Ramouth, Golan
Covenant with David
II Samuel 7
David's sin with Bathsheeba
II Samuel 11
Israel exiled by Assyria
722 B.C.
Judah exiled by Babylon
586 B.C.
Solomon asks for wisdom, temple built, ark brought in
I Kings 1-11
Solomon's great wisdom
I Kings 4
Solomon builds temple
I Kings 6
Ark brought into the temple
I Kings 8
The death of Solomon and the division of the kingdom
930 B.C.
The Southern kings of hope
Asa, Josiah, Uzziah, Hezekiah
The city that Omri founds
King Ahab fights with
Elijah and Elisha
Elijah and Mt. Carmel
I Kings 18
Outline Genesis
1. The Primeval History (1:1-11:9)
2. The Early Patriarchal History (11:10-37:1)
3. The Joseph History (37:2-50:26)
Outline Exodus
1. God's deliverance of Israel led by Moses (1-18)
2. God's covenant with Israel mediated by Moses (19-24)
3. God's dwelling among Israel established by Moses (25-40)
Outline Leviticus
1. The Sacrifices the Lord requires (1-7)
2. Israel's priestly representatives (8-10)
3. Recognizing and remedying uncleanness (11-15)
4. Living as a holy nation (16-27)
Outline Numbers
1. Preparing Israel's first army at Sinai (1:1-10:10)
2. Failed march of Israel's first army in the desert (10:11-ch 25)
3. Preparing Israel's second army for conquest (26-36)
Purpose Deuteronomy
Reconstitute the second generation wilderness Israel as the covenant people, prepare them for life in the land, and warn them that keeping the land was tied to their loyalty to YHWH.
Outline Deuteronomy
1. Introduction (Preamble) 1:1-4
2. Moses' 1st address (Historical prologue) 1:5-4:43
3. Moses' 2nd address (Stipulations) 4:44-ch 26
4. Moses' 3rd address (Sanctions) 27-30
5. The conclusion of Moses' ministry (leadership succession) 31-34
Outline Joshua
1. Joshua's introductory commission (1:1-9)
2. Israel conquers the land (1:10-ch 12)
3. Israel's land inheritance is distributed (13-21)
4. Joshua leads Israel in exemplary covenant renewal (22-24)
Purpose of Judges
To establish the need for a king in Israel to complete the conquest and lead her in covenant faithfulness.
Outline Judges
1. Failure to complete the conquest (1:1-2:5)
2. Cycles of good and bad under the judges (2:6-ch 16)
3. Anarchy without a king (17-21)
Purpose Ruth
To illustrate covenant faithfulness to David's ancestor, Ruth the Moabite, as demonstration of the legitimacy of David's kingship.
Outline Ruth
1. Naomi's bitterness and near emptiness (1)
2. Ruthe discovers her kinsman redeemer (2)
3. Boaz promises Ruth a kinsman redeemer (3)
4. Boaz becomes Ruth's kinsman redeemer (4:1-12)
5. Naomi's blessing and abundant provision (4:13-22)
Purpose Samuel
To explain that Israel's best hope is still in the house of David despite his sins and the covenant curses he brought on her.
Outline Samuel
1. Israel's messianic hope previewed (1:1-2:11)
2. Samuel prepares for a kingdom (2:12-ch 7)
3. The failure of Saul's kingdom (8-15)
4. The rise of David's kingdom (16-II Sam 8)
5. Trouble in David's kingdom (9-20)
6. Israel's messianic hope reviewed (21-24)
Purpose Kings
To explain the exile and call for repentance that the covenant might be renewed and the people of God returned to the land.
Outline Kings
1. Hope and apostasy in Solomon (1-11)
2. Apostasy and hope in Israel and Judah (12-II Kgs 17)
3. Apostasy and hope in Judah (18-25)