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abjure v.
to renounce or reject solemnly
adumbrate v.
to foreshadow vaguely or intimate
anathema n.
a solemn or religious curse
anodyne adj./n.
soothing, comfort
apogee n.
farthest or highest point
apostate n.
one who abandons long held religious or political convictions
apotheosis n.
a model of excellence or perfection
asperity n.
severity, rigor.
asseverate v.
to aver, allege
assiduous v.
diligent, hard-working
augury n.
omen, portent
bellicose adj.
calumniate v.
to slander, make a false accusation
captious adj.
disposed to point out trivial faults, calculated to confuse or entrap in argument
cavil v.
to find fault without good reason
celerity n.
speed, alacrity
chimera n.
an illusion
contumacious adj.
insubordinate, rebellious, scorn
debacle n.
compete failure
descry v.
to discriminate
desuetude n.
After years of desuetude, my French skills wree finally put to use.
desultory adj.
random, aimless
different adj.
reserved, lacking self confident
dirge n.
a song of grief
encomium n.
glowing nad enthusiastic praise
eschew v.
to shun or avoid.
She chose to eschew the movie theater, preferring to watch DVDs at home.
excoriate v.
declare to be evil
exegesis n.
critical examination, explication.
expiate v.
to atone or make amends for
Pia Zadora has expiated her movie career by good works and charity.
extirpate v.
to destroy, cut out
fatuous adj.
fractious adj.
rebellious, irritable
gainsay v.
to deny, dispute
heterodox adj.
imbroglio n.
difficult or embarrassing situation.
indefatigable adj.
not easily exhaustible, tireless
ineluctable adj.
certain, inevitable
inimitable adj.
insouciant adj.
carefree, unconcerned
inveterate adj.
deep rooted, babitual
jejune adj.
vapid, childish, immature
lubricious adj.
slippery, wanton
mendicant n.
a beggar
meretricious adj.
cheap, showy
minatory adj.
nadir n.
low point, perigee
nonplussed adj.
bewildered, at a loss for what to do or think
obstreperous adj.
noisily and stubbornly defiant, aggressively boisterous
ossified adj.
tending to become more rigid, conventional, turned into bone
palliate v.
to make seem less serious
panegyric n.
formal praise, eulogy
parsimonious adj.
cheap, miserly
A parsimonious person parses out his money with great difficulty.
pellucid adj.
transparent, easy to understand, limpid
peroration n.
the concluding part of a speech.
plangent adj.
pounding, resounding
prolix adj.
puerile adj.
childish, immature
puissance n.
power, strength
pusillanimous adj.
remonstrate v.
protest, object
sagacious adj.
having sound judgement, perceptive
salacious adj.
salutary adj.
remedial, causing improvement
sanguine adj.
cheerful, confident, optimistic
saturnine adj.
gloomy, dark, sullen
sententious adj.
moralistic, tending to moralize excessively
stentorian adj.
extremely loud and powerful
stygian adj.
gloomy, dark.
sycophant n.
self seeking flattered
tendentious adj.
biased, showing marked tendency
timorous adj.
timid, fearful
tyro n
vitiate v.
corrupt, spoil
voluble adj.
fluent, verbal, having easy use of spoken language