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what are the family members praying under?
why does Betsey say she is leaving the family in her letter?
she says she doesnt belong
why doesnt Greer join the family in prayer?
he doesnt believe in praying to a white jesus
what is greer doing that angers jane while everyone is praying?
playing the bongo drums
what does jane threaten to do if greer doesnt join them?
leave him
what does jane do after greer leaves in his car to look for betsey?
runs to her room and cries
where does betsey end up after her adventure?
the hospital greer works at
when betsey ran away what is the thing that upset jane that she did at ms. maureens?
got her nails, hair, etc. done
what is something Betsey wants to do with her life?
make something of herself and marry a renown negroman
what is really going on at ms. maureens place?
its a prostitute house
what do they put in betsey's hair?
beer and eggs
where is reeginas man?
what is the ball betsey declares herself queen of?
veil prophet ball
whata betseys nickname
rheiny heifer
why does charlie make fun of betsey for?
being boy crazy
Why is Mrs. Maureen mad at Betsey at first?
because she doesnt want ther parents to be upset with her for running away
what was betseys plan with Eugene?
they were going to elope

he would be her and the presidents escort
whats the new "development" in Reginas life?
she is pregnant
why do the police bring charlie and allard home?
they were trespassing on the catholic private school
who carries a switch at Betsey's school?
Mr. Witchiten
What is wrong with Liliana and Mavis' skirts?
they are too short
what is the "nice" thing about segregation?
it keeps all blacks together
where is betsey's secret hiding place outside?
in the tree
why is jane angry with greer with regards to the family?
he is not there as a father or to help with the children enough
why is jane angry with greer with regards to his job?
he is always at work and tring to make clientel so he is doing some things free and she doesnt understand
In the beggining of the story, what does jane do after her argument with greer?
hires help from a lady named Bernice to help with the kids
where is Bernice from?
Why does Betsey get angry with Bernice?
she tells her mom where her secret hiding place is
how does Betsey indicate its time for a secret "chilren's meeting" in the basement?
does a signal with her hands behind her back when she is showing Bernice to her room
what do the kids practice in the long closet?
bad words
name one thing the kids do to cause Bernice trouble?
allard goes for the matches and tells her he's going to show her a fire
where is this story set?
what time of the year is it?
what year is the story set in?
what does betsey have to bring jane in the morning? how is jane related to Betsey?
coffee - mother
what is Betsey practicing in the morning?
her speech
whose car does betsey try to hide in to see Tina Turner?
what is allard doing during the morning quiz?
setting something on fire
what is grandmother's first name?
how many children are in the family?