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Intricate organization
Numbers 2
Vow of the Nazirites
Numbers 6
Aaronic benediction
Numbers 6
Ark of the Covenant and portable use
Numbers 10
Jealousy of Miriam and Aaron
Numbers 12
Spies sent to Canaan
Numbers 13
Caleb' different spirit
Numbers 14
Tassels and ribbons
Numbers 15
Korah's rebellion
Numbers 16
Rock and water incident
Numbers 20
Edom refuses passage to Israel
Numbers 20
The bronze serpent
Numbers 21
Balaam's blessing
Numbers 23
Star out of Jacob
Numbers 24
Initial mixing with Midianites
Numbers 25
Second numbering
Numbers 26
War as an instrument of God's venegence
Numbers 31
The settlements of Reuben,Gad and Manasseh
Numbers 32
Promise of land reiterated
Numbers 33