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God Created All Things Good
Genesis 1
The Exercise of Dominion in Human Hands
Genesis 1
Divine Intentions
Genesis 2
The Fall
Genesis 3
Brother's Keeper
Genesis 4
The Flood
Genesis 7
The Shem, Ham, Japheth Incident
Genesis 9
Tower of Babel
Genesis 11
Blessed to Be a Blessing
Genesis 12
Separation Within Families (Abram-Lot)
Genesis 13
Hagar and Ishmael
Genesis 16
Circumcision Instituted
Genesis 17
Moabite and Ammonite Origin
Genesis 19
Patriarch Isaac
Genesis 21
Test of Obedience
Genesis 22
Deliberate Ethnic Separation (Isaac Chooses Rebekkah for Wife)
Genesis 24
Roots of Edom and Israel Rivalry
Genesis 25
Non-Separation of Esau Line
Genesis 26
Deliberate Ethnic Separation (Choice of Jacob's Wife)
Genesis 28
Origin of the Twelve Tribes
Genesis 30
The Dinah-Hamor Incident
Genesis 34
Patriarchal Line Continues in Jacob
Genesis 35
Separation Within Families (Esau-Jacob)
Genesis 36
Joseph's Administrative Ability, A Blessing
Genesis 41
Joseph Preserves a Remnant
Genesis 45
Geographic Separation in Goshen
Genesis 47
Future Courses of the Twelve Tribes
Genesis 49
God Can Use Evil for Good
Genesis 50
Exodus 1
Birth of Moses
Exodus 2
God Recognizes His People's Burdens
Exodus 3
The Excuses of Moses When Faced with a Challenge
Exodus 4
The Plagues of Egypt
Exodus 7-11
Let My People Go
Exodus 8
The Fleeting Repentance of Pharaoh
Exodus 9
The Number in the Exodus
Exodus 12
The Passover Feast Instituted as a Constant Memorial
Exodus 12
Feasts as Signs and Memorials
Exodus 13
Crossing of the Red Sea
Exodus 14
Murmuring Against God, Not Man
Exodus 16
Jethro's Advice to Moses to Delegate Responsibility
Exodus 18
Israel a Kingdom of Priests
Exodus 19
Blessing of God Has a Condition Attached
Exodus 19
The Ten Commandments
Exodus 20
The Eye-For-An-Eye Code
Exodus 21
Civil Law for Nomads
Exodus 21-23
Instructions to Build a Tabernacle
Exodus 25-27
Inauguration of the Priesthood
Exodus 28-29
God Equips People for Specific Tasks (Crafts Ability)
Exodus 31
The Golden Calf
Exodus 32
Who Is On The Lord's Side?
Exodus 32
Visiting the Iniquity of the Fathers Upon the Children
Exodus 34
Make No League With the Inhabitants Of This Land
Exodus 34
Construction of the Tabernacle
Exodus 36-39
God, A Constant Presence in Israel's Midst
Exodus 40
Food Allowed and Forbidden
Leviticus 11
Separation of Lepers
Leviticus 13
Declaration of Cleanliness From Leprosy in Jurisdiction of Priests
Leviticus 14
Day of Atonement
Leviticus 16
Scapegoat for Sins and Iniquities
Leviticus 16
Life is in the Blood
Leviticus 17
Sacrifices Allowed Only at Tabernacle
Leviticus 17
Sabbatical Year and Year of Jubilee
Leviticus 25
Intricate Organization
Numbers 2
Vow of the Nazirites
Numbers 6
Aaronic Benediction
Numbers 6
Ark of Covenant and Portable Use
Numbers 10
Jealousy of Miriam and Aaron
Numbers 12
Spies Sent to Canaan
Numbers 13
Caleb's Different Spirit
Numbers 14
Tassels and Ribbons
Numbers 15
Korah's Rebellion
Numbers 16
Rock and Water Incident
Numbers 20
Edom Refuses Passage to Israel
Numbers 20
The Bronze Serpent
Numbers 21
Balaam's Blessing
Numbers 23
Star Out of Jacob
Numbers 24
Initial Mixing with Midianites
Numbers 25
Second Numbering
Numbers 26
War as an Instrument of God's Vengeance
Numbers 31
The Settlements of Reuben, Gad, and Manasseh
Numbers 32
Promise of Land Reiterated
Numbers 33