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A result of the War of 1812
a wave of nationalism swept the United States
people were proud to be Americans
Shay's Rebellion demonstrated the need for what?
a strong central governemnt
the national government didn't have the authority to call together an army
It the 3/5 Compromise had not been added to the constitution, southern states would not have done what?
voted for ratification
agreed to the constitution
Which political group believed we need a strong central government?
another name for central government is federal government
What was the name of the plan that called for a bicameral (two house) legislature with 2 senators from every state?
The Great Compromise
It was an important compromise.
Who wrote the pamphlet Common Sense that spoke out against King George?
Thomas Paine
The writer was a pain to King George.
Which amendment in the Bill of Rights protects the freedoms of religion, speech, and press?
First Amendment
In a federal system of government, who shares power and authority?
It is shared by the states and the national government
What did the 1st president of the United States create to advise him and help him do the work of the executive branch?
a cabinet
the presiden't most trusted advisors
How did the writers of the Constitution make sure no one branch of government could become too powerful?
They created a system of checks and balances
The president can approve or veto a bill passed by congress. The Supreme Court can decide if a law passed by congress is fair.
Which of the colonies was dominated by the Puritan religion?
The New England Colonies
The Puritans settled in Massachusetts.
What is the duty of the legislative branch of government?
make the laws
What is the duty of the judicial branch of governemnt?
decide the meaning of the laws
Francis Scott Key wrote this poem as he watche the British attack For McHenry.
The Star Spangled Banner
America's National Anthem
The president and cabinet make up which branch of government?
It is their job to cary out (execute) the laws.