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Where do we find most rights that are guaranteed to Americans citizens?
In the Bill of Rights
The 1st 10 amendemnts added to the Constitution.
Name a responsibitlity of an American citizen.
Obey the laws
Serve on a jury
Defend ones country
The 1st 10 amendments to the Constitution guarantee what?
individual rights
There are certain right that belong to everyone that cannot be taken away
Who make up the United States Congress?
The House of Representatives and the Senate
We have a bicameral (two part) legislature.
Why are the Bill of Rights important today, 200 years after they were written?
They provide protection for each individual's rights.
What do they still protect?
Which branch of government enforces laws?
The executive branch
They execute (enforce) the laws.
The Supreme Court of the United States represents which branch of government?
The Supreme Court is made up of justices or judges.
Which of the following is not guaranteed by the Bill of Rights? speech, assembly, choice, religion
What is guaranteed by the 1st amendment?
Name a check the executive branch (president) has over Congress.
veto power
If the president doesn't think a bill that has passed congress should be a law, he can do this.
The U.S. Congress is a group of people who make _________.
Congress is the legislative branch of government, it is their job to make _________.
The United States is a democracy. In a democracy, __________ make the laws and run the government.
people who are part of a country
In a ___________ form of government citizens elect their leaders to represent them in making laws.
This United States has this form of governemtn.
The U.S. Constitution establishes a federal system of government. This mean that ________ & _______ governments share powers.
states and central
Our country's 1st form of government was formed under the Articles of Confederation. Why did it not work well?
The people did not see themselves as a single nation.
There was a weak central government, so the citizens still felt like citizens of individual states.
What source would you use to learn what Interstae Highway goes from Savannah to Macon?
GA Road Map
Something that would show you how to get from one place to another.