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What are the main areas of belief commonly accepted by Christians about God
Omnipotent - all powerful
Omniscient - all knowing
Omniprescent - all present
Creater & sustainer
God is said to be revealed to us in two different ways. What are they?
General revelation - indirect eg through nature.

Special revelation - direct eg incarnation of Jesus
Four general revelation arguments for/against existance of God
Design argument
Cosmological argument
Existance of religion
Moral argument
Design argument - for existance
William Paley (1743-1805)
World is complex & must have had a designer.
Regularity & fit eg planets & orbits
Big bang eg timing and nature
Human body, designed for specific purposes eg ear.
Design argument - against existance
Truth of this can only be confirmed by comparing with another world not designed.
Desig need not include the existance of God.
Existence of evil and suffering; is this by design.
More chaos than design; is God a good designer.
Cosmological argument - for existance
Thomas Acquinas (1225-74CE) Catholic
Each event has a cause
Each movement is caused by something
First cause of all movement to an Unmoved Mover.
God was the cause & mover of the first event
Relevant to Big bang theory
Cosmological argument - against existance
Assumption that there was a begining; universe has been eternal
Assumes God is eternal - how
If this argument is correct God is eternal; should still be around making upgrades/changes
Existance of religion - for existance
Religions have existed from the earliest records & in all areas;
there must be a God to worship;
therefore God exists
Existance of religion - against existance
Many religions - which God
Need to freligion is only a social need created by society
Fascination with science fiction i.e. life on other planets
Ulimately inconclusive
Moral argument - for existance
Sense of right & wrong from our consicence which many believes comes from God
Religious conversion
Moral argument - against existance
Society forms its own morality
Many different religions/gods but generally have same set of moral codes i.e. no killing, stealing