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Who created the Triune Brain Theory? What are the 3 parts?
Paul McLean. Limbic System, Neocortex, Hindbrain
What's the main function of each part of the brain?
Hindbrain, automatic functions i.e. breathing, digestion, etc... Limbic system is your emotions, neocortex is your thinking
What is the Amygdala? What part of the brain has this?
Processes emotions, especially aggression and fear. Associates events with emotions. Limbic system.
In the limbic system, what's the difference between the hippocampus and the hypothalumus?
the hippocampus is your long term memory and the hypothalumus secretes doopamine and seratonin.
what's the difference between dopamine and seratonin?
dopamine is your energy and seratonin is your chill chemicals
The grey matter of your brain is part of what brain?
how does the neocortex recieve and transmit info?
chemicals, neurons, electrical impulses
in the neocortex what are the four lobes and what do they do?
frontal, inhibitions, planning
parietal - touch, body movement
temporal - hearing, language comprehension
occital - vision, spatial recognition
what are the 3 learning styles?
audio, visual, kinesthetic
what's the difference between the left and rigt brain and do they interfere or work together?
left is more logical, sequential, verbal and the right is nonverbal, global, relational learning. they interfere
who came up with the multiple intelligence theory?
howard gardener
what are the 8 intelligence types?
verbal, musical, logical, visual, bodily, INTERpersonal, INTRApersonal, naturalist
who did the fight or flight response experiments
walter cannon
how do you calm fight or flight?
physical movement, breathing exercises, and relaxing the mind
who did the instant vs. delayed gratification research?
walter mischel
who came up with the locus of control? and what types are there?
julien rotter. internal, external
what did Pavlov research?
classical conditioning, with assoc. a bell ringing a dog would salivate thinking it was gonna get fed.
what is dr. william glasser known for?
choice theory research-everything we do is to meet one of the 5 basic needs
what are the 5 basic need?
survival, fun, love and belonging, freedom, power
what is total behavior made up of?
thinking feeling acting and physiology