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What is Category I CME credit
means approved by one of the following: AAPA, AAFP, AOACCME, ACCME
What is the purpose of the NCCPA?
To administer and score examinations for graduates of physician assistant programs
how many hours of CME are required every 2 years?
100 hrs

At least 50 hrs Category I(40 must be clinical)

At least 80 hrs clinical
Give examples of Cat II CME
Any educational or self learning activity:

Reading Med Journals
Post Grad coursework
Time spent studying for PANRE
T/F the vast majority of CME is clinical CME
what is clinical CME?
activity directly related to medicine or patient care
Give examples of professional CME
Activity not medical in nature but related to profession:

Legislative issues
CPT coding/billing
what is the mission of NCCPA?
To ensure the public and others that PAs meet established standards of knowledge and clinical skills upon entry and throughout their careers
what are the 2 goals of Healthy people 2010?
increase quality and years of healthy life

eliminate health disparities(rate of advancement)
who are the role players in Healthy People 2010?
List 3 primary preventions (reducing risk factors)
Stop Smoking
Name an example of secondary prevention (early detection)
Pap smear
List 2 examples of tertiary prevention (limit impact of established disease)
Partial mastectomy
radiation therapy
This means that the health care practitioner has a duty or obligation to promote the health and well being of the patient above all other considerations
Nonmaleficence means
Do no harm
8. This deals with examining specific controversial issues such as abortion, homosexuality, capital punishment, cloning, euthanasia, stem cell research and transplantation
Applied Ethics
When is it appropriate to breach a patients confidentiality?
To protect a third party from harm
When it is in the best interest of the patient
When you receive a court subpoena
when do you withold the truth to a pt?
If pt is suicidal(therapeutic privilege)

If pt does not want to know(legal informed consent)
What is autonomy?
It refers to the capacity of a rational individual to make an informed, uncoerced decision. In medicine, respect for the autonomy of patients is considered obligatory for doctors and other health-care professionals.
What is Justice?
Justice - concerns the distribution of scarce health resources, and the decision of who gets what treatment.
what are Medical ethics?
Medical ethics is the discipline of evaluating the merits, risks, and social concerns of activities in the field of medicine.
what is the primary responsibility of PAs?
the safety, welfare and dignity of all human beings
what is the statement of values?
it defines the fundamental values that the PA profession strives to uphold
what is the role of the clinician?
Diagnosis and Treatment
Empathy: Cure sometimes, Relieve often, Comfort always
Care for the patients
Prevention by Education
when did Healthy People began?
1979: Surgeon General

Main goal was Health promotion and disease prevention
What was the goal of Healthy People 2000?
If focused on infant mortality and Increasing life expectancy
what was the life expectancy at the beginning of the 20th century and what is it today?
47.3 yrs
77 yrs
what is the life expectancy in the US?
Females: 78.9
Males: 72.5
what is the life expectancy in Japan?
Females: 82.9
Males: 76.4
what does quality of life encompass?
All aspects of life:

Health, Recreation, Culture, Rights, Values, Beliefs, Aspirations
What are the tools that measure quality of life?
Global Assessments
Healthy Days
Years of healthy life