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Who enforces HIPAA
the office of civil rights in the federal dept of health and human services
penalty for noncompliance
$100 per person per transaction
25,000 for individuals plus 10 years of jail
penalty for gaining acces under false pretenses
$100,000 and 5 years in jail
health info should not be exposed to:
the patient, patient's family or visitors
Privacy is
the expectation from the patient to the organization to use their health info descretely
The student role
1. observe the facilities policies and procedures
2. discuss pt info in private
3. protect and safeguard pt info
Masters and Johnson sexual response cycle
What do you ask during sexual history
safe sex/contraception
Hx of abuse
tested for HIV
how many partners do you have
problems with lube, orgasm, ejaculation or erection
the only legal forms of euthanasia
Passive and double effect
Two types of advanced directives
Living will
Health proxy
What is a health proxy
where the pt names someone he/she trusts as the power of attorney and the decision is made while the patient is still mentally competent.
What is a living will
the patient's expressed desires about code status such as DNR
What is a health care surrogate
during crisis situations, generally the attending physician will appoint someone in the family to make decisions for the patient
The Pioneer Period was
Mid 60's thru the 1970s
Major events in the Pioneer period
Gap in Medicine
Fed declared war on poverty
underserved population
Formation of APAP and CAHEA
Maturation period
Events in the Maturation period
Business principle
HMOs and PPOs were driving force
Standarization of curriculum
More PAs became educators
graduates gravitated to higher paying specialties
The Boom or Bust Period
events during the Boom or Bust Period
Health care reform
Many job offerings nationwide
Program expansion 104 by 1997
Master degree programs
The theories used to impute liability to the physician
Respondeat superior
Negligent supervision
Negligent hiring
What does HIPPA stand for?
Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996
HIPPA's phases
April 14, 2003 implement law
Oct 2003 full compliance
2006 Unique number assigned
What influences most illnesses according to the Biopsychosocial model?
Biological, psychosocial, and social phenomena
What does the Biomedical model focuses on?
only the biological and medical aspects are considered relevant
What is the Biopsychosicial model?
clinical approach where the biological, psychological and social aspects of the patient's life are explored
The physician styles
Paternalistic or autocratic style
Shared decision-making style
Consumer-based style
what is countertransference
the clinician's own tranference to the patient